"Monica is amazing! This is the first exercise class I have stuck to and believe it or not really enjoy. I am coming into my second month now and was so pleased when Monica took my measurements after month one and I had lost 3 cm from my waist!!


Monica is so friendly and puts you at ease straight away, she always has really good advice to give and goes the extra mile to help with any concerns you have (mine was my hip). I look forward to many more sessions full of exercise (and lots of giggles). I would 100% recommend Monica to a pure beginner (like me) or to a super fit seasoned pro!"


Sarah Davies (Fit and Fabulous group)

"Monica is amazing and lovely, she is not only an experienced fitness trainer, but a sports therapist and expert at deep tissue massage; she really knows her stuff so I know that I am in safe hands. She has magic fingers which really hit the spot with her massage techniques so that the benefits are long lasting.I hobbled in badly and walked out feeling great. She offers different types of fitness classes and training sessions; something for everyone which I think is great. From a specialist classes for the already fit and sporty, to a class for those who, like me, are the trying to get to fit variety and this helps to make me comfortable as it's more tailored to my level.

I have a substantial injury and even I can be accommodated including modified exercise options. Sessions are brilliant, they are friendly, motivational, varied and enjoyable as well as focused. Monica creates a lovely atmosphere, she's encouraging but also supportive and kind.
I absolutely highly recommended Monica, she's fantastic; I'm already benefiting from improved mobility, balance and fitness; I'm really enjoying it and we even have fun and laughs!"


Linda Gornall (Fit and Fabulous group)

"I am 38, I have a 3 year old and 5 month old. I like being active but hate exercise! I have started numerous fitness classes before but given up after one session and paid a lot of money for gyms that I have never used. Mainly I have lacked motivation and in the fitness classes I couldn't keep up with the rest of the really fit people there! So I would do too much too quickly then hurt for a month and be put off going again. In addition I would find excuses such as too tired, work or simply can't be bothered.


But, I realised after having two kids my tummy muscles and pelvic floor have been wrecked! Not to mention my pregnancy during which I felt so ill I lost a lot of weight but also muscle mass, core strength and general fitness. I joined Monica's personal training group classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings 4 weeks ago. The first two weeks I only did half an hour each time but now I can manage a full hour both days! I didn't think I would ever say this but I LOVE IT! And most importantly, I look forward to going! The group is small, the venue is great and Monica is an incredible motivator!!! She gives her full attention to each and everyone in the group! 4 weeks ago I could hardly count to three trying to hold into a press up before collapsing on the floor. Now I can count to 15 and even dare to take one hand off the floor (even if briefly). I also feel I have more energy and my core muscles are starting to strengthen. Monica, thank you!"


Annie Summers (Fit and Fabulous group)

"As one of the runners on the Norwegian national 24 hour running team and as an individual runner, I have had the pleasure of co-operating with Monica in several competitions. In 2012 Monica was part of the medical team during the 24 hour running World Championship in Poland. We quickly realised that we were lucky to have the advantage of receiving Monica's treatments before, during and after the event. Her skills and efforts were highly appreciated and contributed to the Norwegian teams extraordinary results. Her services were in fact so popular that that other national teams came into our booth to use her as well!


Monica always have a positive attitude and she was helping other nations as much as she could. The same thing happened when Monica was helping me as an individual runner at the Bislett 24 hour endurance event in 2013. After a while we had to limit the number of runners that could receive her sports massage as she was just becoming too busy. One of the main challenges in extreme endurance events are sore muscles. ever so often they need some treatment in order to perform at an optimal level. The type of massage Monica gives is ideal to re-vitalise the muscles, specially in the legs, as they are under enormous strain during runs extending up to 24 hours"

Peter Tubaas, Ultrarunner for the Norwegian National Team 

Sarah Milne in action at the Singapore Youth Olympics
Sarah Milne in action at the Singapore Youth Olympics

"Monica helped me recover and excel after a knee operation. She understood my targets of returning to competitive fitness stronger and more powerful than before my injury, and ensuring that my body was in good shape to prevent future injury. She constructed a programme for me combining strength training, stability and mobility exercises in the gym, and speed and agility exercises on the track.


Throughout the entire programme and within every session, Monica ensured I completed each exercise to the best of my ability and used regular goal setting and recordings to map my progress for extra incentive and motivation. Monica was brilliant to work with and her additional massage sessions really helped me recover in between hard sessions. She is the most caring and committed S&C coach I have worked with and truly cares for every athlete individually."


Sarah Milne, GB Badminton

"Monica worked in the strength and conditioning department at Leeds Met for around 2 years. During that time she worked with a wide variety of athletes and clients from high performance athletes through to development level trainees as well as adults, adolescents and children. I can say without question that her dedication and enthusiasm in the role are second to none and her S&C delivery and knowledge are excellent. 


It's great to have coaches who are flexible in their delivery style and communication and can apply this to groups and different individuals. I can say with confidence that Monica has the ability to work in all scenarios and with any population I put her with. Monica also has the ability to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and rehab which is key in our role and is something that many coaches find challenging. Although she is extremely competent in many areas I would say that this aspect specifically is Monica’s strength. 


I would recommend Monica's coaching and programmes to anyone looking to improve strength and sports performance, recover from injury, or even just to get fit and healthy. You will be in excellent hands." 

Brendan Chaplin, MSc, ASCC, CSCS

Head of Strength and Conditioning Leeds Metropolitan University, and S & C Consultant


Tim James part way through the marathon at the Ironman Wales 2011
Tim James part way through the marathon at the Ironman Wales 2011

"After retiring from playing rugby, I was looking for the next challenge and committed to completing an Ironman triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run). The journey started in 2009 with some small events and built to my aim of the full Ironman distances in 2011, as it turned out to 2 Ironman’s in the space of 9 weeks and this is where Monica comes in. I met Monica at the beginning of 2011 in my local gym and got chatting about training etc, I then realised that she was a Strength and Conditioning Coach and masseur. With the amount of training I was starting to complete I was worried about picking up injuries etc, Monica suggested that I could benefit from some treatment.


When the treatment first started I did think it was causing more pain than the good it could be doing, but after a day or so my legs felt a lot better and assisted greatly in my recovery. Depending on how I was feeling with my training I was receiving treatment from once a fortnight up to once every 4-5 weeks. I have no doubt in my mind had I not had the ongoing sports massages then I would have picked up injuries which would have greatly affected my performances in the two events in Zurich and Tenby, and the 9 months of training to be able to complete the competitions!


Along with the treatment Monica would offer sound advice in relation to strengthening work for core muscles and stretching to aid recovery and prevent injury. I would strongly recommend speaking to Monica to any person who trains regularly and either in her role as a coach or masseur; I have already referred several friends who have also benefitted from her expertise and friendly manner."


Tim James, Iron Man and Triathlon competitor 


"I have been seeing Monica for treatments for over a year now, and it is no coincidence that I have stayed injury free throughout that time, and improved my performances massively. I usually get treated by Monica once every two weeks and that treatment includes thorough massage along with stretching and occasional strength and conditioning exercises that I need to do on specific muscles / joints.


I can honestly say that without Monica’s treatment, I would not be able to train as hard or race as well as I am able to when I receive treatment from her. Monica’s treatment helps me keep on top of any small niggles/injuries I may have and keeps my body in great condition ahead of important blocks of training or major races I may have coming up.  Her massage is deep and thorough and gets rid of any tightness, and her overall knowledge of injuries and Strength & Conditioning is excellent. Monica is also very professional and is always willing to spend more time if necessary, solving injury problems and suggesting ways of improving any weaknesses I may have.

I would certainly recommend Monica’s treatment to anyone out there; as I don’t think you will find many better people for treatment than her."


Adam Bitchell, GB Middle Distance Runner

"Monica has provided a great level of support to various international teams, individuals and also me personally over the past couple of seasons. Her work with Welsh Athletics has been well recognised, and she has been part of our support team for numerous championships and high level competitions. She has built a great working relationship with the athletes, and it is testament to her skills that many of them continue to ask for her.


 Monica is also the current Strength and Conditioning coach at the Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC). Monica works closely with my athletes work to provide both sports massage and strength and conditioning coaching, which has been a huge influence in the their continued development.


From a my own experience, Monica’s treatment, application and professionalism has been second to none, and I would recommend her to any individual, group or team of any level of ability."


James ThieWelsh Athletics Competitions Manager, Cardiff Metropolitan University Director of Athletics Performance, and World, European and Commonwealth Games Athletics finalist


“Monica has worked with our team of full time referees at Leeds Met University, providing a first class massage service weekly after training and also on match days. Monica is very responsive to the needs of each individual and I can say that the injury free years I have had as a referee have certainly been aided by the quality massage programme Monica has been involved with.


Monica’s high standards were also recognised within our sport when she was asked to be part of the massage team for the touring Australian national team.


Despite moving from Leeds to Cardiff Monica’s high standards and professionalism have been recognised by the RFL and she has been asked to provide massage services when we referee games at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.


I would 100% recommend Monica as a top quality masseur in elite level sport, whether for an individual or team”



Phil BenthamSuper League and International Rugby League referee


got to know Monica when I moved to Leeds to do my Master Degree. I found out that she had a lot of experience in writing and planning training programs, so I asked her for help and advice. She lived up to my expectations and gave me three perfect workout programs to suit my needs.


Monica knew about my situation; that I needed to be able to work out without having to depend on having access to any sports centres (to save time!). I told her about the equipment I had at home, and she came up with three workouts not lasting for more than 90 minutes. The workouts consisted of a great full body strength and conditioning program. After a few weeks I felt like a completely new person, more energy and better sleep!  


Mari Ueland, Recreational Exerciser