Sports Therapy & Massage

As a Sports Therapist (BSc (Hons)) and Member of The Society of Sports Therapists I am professionally qualified in a range of injury prevention techniques and rehabilitation healthcare methods, such as:


  • Sports Massage - pre- and post-event, rehabilitation
  • Joint Mobilisation - releasing stiff joints and relaxing surrounding muscles
  • Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation Programmes


For more information on Sports Therapy please visit my What is Sports Therapy? page.


Who have I worked with?

I have experience of treating a wide range of recreational exercisers, amateur athletes and professional sportspeople, including those shown below:

How can I help you?

Prevention is better than the cure, regular Sports Therapy consultations and treatment can help you stay injury free and achieve the goal you are training for.


Training regularly? Sports Massage and Joint Mobilisation helps maintain good conditioning, relieving muscle tension, mobilising muscle fibres and soft tissue, improves flexibility, reduces swelling, reduces pain, increase blood circulation, increase lymph flow, promote muscle relaxation, promote healing and help the removal of waste products.


Suffering from a niggling injury that keeps coming back? I can help you find the root cause of your injury, and design a rehabilitation programme to treat it.


Already injured? I can assess your injury and help you find your way back to full fitness through treatment and a rehabilitation programme.


Services and Charges




I offer a mobile service, and will travel to your home, to provide treatment at your convenience. You can also find me at The Valley Clinic, Ilkley. Please contact me directly to book an appointment. 



Groups, teams and events


I am also interested to hear from any groups, teams or event organisers looking for Sports Therapy or Sports Massage support.


I have extensive experience of working with a number of teams, and at major events providing intensive massage and treatments.