Top 3 reasons why exercise and having an active lifestyle is so important


  1. Physiological benefits

It is common knowledge that leading an active lifestyle incorporating regular exercise can have several positive physiological benefits. I will list a few:

  • Improves the cardiovascular system – heart and lungs
  • Increases strength
  • Improves mobility and joint stiffness
  • Makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight (alongside good nutrition)
  • Better chance to keep blood pressure and cholesterol at a good level


  1. Psycological benefits

Mental health has become an increasing topic in the news recently and rightly so. After exercise your body releases endorphines which makes you feel good. One of the big reasons why exercises can help you overcome stress, anxiety and general well being.


  1. Social aspect

No matter what type of exercise you choose to do, you can always train together with someone if you like being part of a group. There are hundreds of sports clubs, walking clubs, exercise classes, swimming clubs etc all over the country you can be a part, if you like the social aspect of exercise. Some people prefer to train alone and get away from the busy lives they live, but others love being part of a group where you can motivate and support each other. Whichever way you prefer to do it one of the big reasons (coming from teams sports) I love training is that it is a time to spend with other like minded people.


Whatever age you are and whatever type of exercise you prefer I would highly encourage you to find something you enjoy and do it on a regular basis. The benefits of doing exercise can not be underestimated, and with an aging population it is more important than ever that we do our share to try and stay fit and healthy for as long as possible!


Get up of the chair and do something today, your body and mind will thank you! 



"Take care of your body,


it's the only place you have to live" - Jim Rohn