The dreaded foam roller

Wednesday already!


Hope everyone has started the week well and done plenty of training already. I get so many people asking me about foam rolling on a regular basis so I thought I would treat you to a "How to" video today. I am demonstrating how to do the outside of your quads and IT band. Main thing is to not go over the bone as there are bursas closely located there and you don't want to apply pressure over them. Focus on the "meaty" part of the muscle in between the hip and the knee.


A few years ago I also wrote a blog about foam rolling which is still relevant today with a lot of pictures and demonstrations for other body parts too if you want to have a look. 


As you will see I am no expert on the videos (yet!) so please bare with me:)


Hope this makes sense! Give it a try in between your weekly training and use it is a self tool between having regular massages! Your muscles will thank you! Let me know if this is something you benefit from and I will be happy to post more similar videos in the future! 



Have a good Wednesday!