Preparation with the Women's GB Basketball Squad

Last week I was lucky to get asked to work with the GB Women’s Basketball Team as they were in Cardiff training and preparing for the Olympics. This was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to so although it was 3 evenings with hard work it was definitely worth it! The squad consisted of 12 really nice players and from the start they were all really easy to talk to. It is important to have a bit of banter and get to know the players when you are treating them. It was almost like it was a bit sad to have to leave them on the last day!

I always used to enjoy basketball at school, but I guess my height could potentially be a bit of an issue by the looks of it?:) Must be the first time I have actually felt pretty short:) 


I wish them all the very best of luck in the Olympics, I will definitely keep my eye out for the girls on TV! Fingers crossed they could bring home a medal:)

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